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Aug 28 2012

The Squirt Gun: a Parable

True story: when I was seven years old I had a squirt gun that I really loved. It was a big yellow plastic thing that held about a litre of water and shot a stream long and true when the trigger was squeezed. One day my big brother — three years older — was teasing […]

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Jan 08 2012


I have not been paying much attention to the Republican Presidential primaries happening south of the border because it’s none of my business and because I can’t bear to witness such wholesale human stupidity. On the other hand, as Pierre Trudeau told the National Press Club in Washington DC in 1969, living next to the […]

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Nov 30 2010

Happy, happy people!

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According to a study reported by the BBC a few years ago, Danes are the happiest people on earth. Hey, why not? They’re all nine feet tall, slender, blond, and they have a naked mermaid protecting their capital. Adrian White, the author of the study, used data from a survey of 80,000 people worldwide to […]

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Jul 29 2009

Post-racial America

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Mixed in with all the recent news about the arrest of Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates are a lot of references to “post-racial America.” Many of those references imply that Barack Obama’s presidency is already a failure because racial and racist events still take place in the United States. Um. Maybe I’m stating the obvious, […]

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Jan 19 2009

Blork’s Top 10 Things About January 20, 2009

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Apparently there may be a few traffic jams around Washington DC on Tuesday. Regardless, I’ve managed to come up with a list of good things about that day. Therefore, I present to you Blork’s Top 10 Things About January 20, 2009: 10. No more misunderestimating. 9. Finally, a hot First Lady! 8. Job opportunities at […]

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Nov 05 2008

Election Fail

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Oct 02 2008

Raban on Palin

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Via @hughmcguire on Twitter comes an article from the London Review of Books that takes a piercing look at Sarah Palin. It puts her apparent popularity in a clear light by invoking Poujadism, and shows how the really big chunk of America that does not live in cities have long been drawn to Poujadistic candidates. […]

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