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Cicchetti Bar
Cod with Polenta
Focaccia in Manarola
Killer Strawberry Desert
Expensive Lunch
Lemon Turkey
Ligurian Chowder
Pecorino and Pear Mousse
The Offal Truth about Florence
Porcini Pizza in Trastevere
Pizza Romana
Rustic Pastas
Smoked Goose
Spaghetti with Clams and Porcini Mushrooms
Lunch in Trastevere
Vinsanto on the Balcony

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Cicchetti Bar

Cicchetti Bar


"Cicchetti" are little snacks that are served at bars in Venice. They include things like tiny salami sandwiches, small plates of olives, various fish and other pastes spread on breads (like crostini), and whatever else comes to mind –- or to market.

Typically, one eats cicchetti during the day; at lunch time, or in the late afternoon, usually accompanied by a small glass of wine.