This is Blork (This is not Blork)

To be precise, this is the Blork Blog, part of the Blork Network. It is not, and has nothing to do with, the new whatchamacallit thingy that Dave Winer has created and calls “Blork.” If you’re looking for Dave Winer’s Blork, start here.

But if it’s the Blork that’s been around since 2000 you’re looking for, you’ve found it. Whereas the Blork Network used to revolve around this, the Blork Blog, lately it’s been all about the photos and the tweets. (I might get back to more regular blog posting, but I make no promises.) And just in case you haven’t been following, cornerstones of the Blork Network are:

Less vital aspects of the Blork Network include:

Pretty much dormant corners of the Blork Network include:

  • My DP1 (a blog about the once mysterious and enigmatic DP1 digital camera).
  • From the Hip — Montreal (Street photography blog that set the stage for Street Scene).
  • Blork even appears on MySpace and Facebook, but hey, those aren’t worth the extra couple of bytes to make the links.

Because you can never have too much (original) Blork.

9 thoughts on “This is Blork (This is not Blork)

  1. It was only a matter of time until someone ripped off your name. You should send a Cease & Desist. Why can’t he call himself “Blirk?” Or “Blark?”

    Woe betide anyone who “invents” the name ChefNick.

  2. Well, it’s not like I ever tried to copyright the name, and it’s not like he set up a “blork blog,” so I’m not going to complain. And I think it’s the product, or the tool that’s called blork. He’s not calling himself “blork” as a name or pseudonym. Whatev.

  3. Dude dropped in on your wave, man. That’s harsh. Guess he didn’t wanna end up a frube. Stay on the lip and watch out for the men in gray suits.

  4. And all these years I thought I was following the blog of Bjork.

  5. I am confused. This intro to ‘Blork’ from winer doesn’t take you anywhere, doesn’t tell you how to get the … whatever it is. Even weirder is that if you click the month it is posted in (april) then you cannot find the post at all. When you click his list of ‘My Sites’ there is no mention of Blork. What gives?

  6. Quite late on the commenting, but just wanted to say how much I have appreciated the blork blog (yours). I have appreciated the cooking posts; the virtual (for me) Montreal visits, the tales of the Mini and Spiff; the eloquent kvetching on things truly warranting such, the travels~ all written with thoughtfulness and humor. I think good blogging can be an act of generosity and yours is. Thank you.

  7. Thanks, Vanessa. I really appreciate that. The blog has been quiet this year, but I’m constantly on the verge of posting something. It’s like I have writer’s block or something (blogger’s block?). But something tells me this thing will spring back into life very soon!

  8. As someone who has not been writing much lately and is experiencing a bit of writing emerging again, I’ve been thinking about writing blocks and trying on the idea of writing seasons, or perhaps seasons for different kinds of writing. (I know, there is the compelling “showing up each day (block or muse regardless) philosophy” too) Anyway, happy springing forth of writing in whatever form it takes, and thanks again for the blork blog!

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