This is Blork (This is not Blork)

To be precise, this is the Blork Blog, part of the Blork Network. It is not, and has nothing to do with, the new whatchamacallit thingy that Dave Winer has created and calls “Blork.” If you’re looking for Dave Winer’s Blork, start here.

But if it’s the Blork that’s been around since 2000 you’re looking for, you’ve found it. Whereas the Blork Network used to revolve around this, the Blork Blog, lately it’s been all about the photos and the tweets. (I might get back to more regular blog posting, but I make no promises.) And just in case you haven’t been following, cornerstones of the Blork Network are:

Less vital aspects of the Blork Network include:

Pretty much dormant corners of the Blork Network include:

  • My DP1 (a blog about the once mysterious and enigmatic DP1 digital camera).
  • From the Hip — Montreal (Street photography blog that set the stage for Street Scene).
  • Blork even appears on MySpace and Facebook, but hey, those aren’t worth the extra couple of bytes to make the links.

Because you can never have too much (original) Blork.