Free Tulip Wallpaper

On this blustery and unseasonably cold day, I offer you another free springy wallpaper for your computer. This is a photograph of a tulip that I took in our front garden just a few days ago. It makes a great wallpaper because it is colorful, cheerful, and has a fuzzy, uncluttered area all around the main subject, where your desktop icons won’t get lost.


Go ahead, grab it. Absolutely free for personal use. There is a reasonable fee for editorial or commercial use (email me at blork | at | blork | dot | org). Potentially free for artistic/mashup purposes (email me and we’ll discuss it).

Here is the widescreen version (1680×1050).

Here is the standard 3:2 version (1280×853).

Don’t worry if your screen’s pixel count isn’t exactly the same as the images; your monitor will adjust accordingly. Just be sure to pick the right aspect ratio.

If you’re using Firefox, the easiest thing to do is click the appropriate link and load the picture in your browser. Then right-click and select “Set as desktop background.”


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2 thoughts on “Free Tulip Wallpaper

  1. Thank you for posting that picture! My desktop is significantly happier now! :D

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