Smoked Trout Soufflé

All this Mad Men stuff has gone too far. First it was the Halloween costumes:

I think we should dress like this all the time

And now we’re making soufflé! Which is to say, Martine is making soufflé (with smoked trout from that smoked fish place at the Jean-Talon market).

Om nom nom nom (Big food porn version here.)

Not that I’m complaining; it was delicious!

10 thoughts on “Smoked Trout Soufflé

  1. Yes, you SHOULD dress that way all the time. I especially like the hat.

  2. Ahh, scotch and cigarettes for breakfast, those were the days.

  3. Followed by the three-martini lunch. And the half-pint flask in the desk drawer, followed by “Honey, I’m home!” and an ice-cold Manhattan thrust into your hand at the door (dog barking, kids yelling “Daddy’s home!”)

    Jump on the bed with the kids a few times, dinner with Johnny, then sweet oblivion until the next morning.

    I mixed it up in the mornings. Sometimes I’d fake a head cold and put some scotch in my tea. Other times I’d put tea in my scotch.

  4. Ooh, look at the two of you, so madly elegant. Loving Blork’s expression. :)

    Nice soufflé, too.

  5. Soufflé looks great! Will definitely consider soon.

    Just wanted to give you a nod for your Paella recipe from a while back. Have two recipes on hand including a Bubba Gump version that I was mixing and matching and remembered your efforts and so am adding some components from yours especially the white wine deglaze and for some reason neither of my recipes had onions! Adding mussels along with the chicken, merguez sausage and shrimp.

    I know the saffron will give the meal a great subtle flavor but I think I will add a pinch of tarragon as well.

    Oh, Great costumes!

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