One Cent Cheque

Hey, remember my One Cent Credit story? Well, 43% of you said I should contact American Express and explain the situation. The people have spoken, so that’s what I did. I telephoned the 1-800 number and informed American Express that they could keep the one cent, that I was willing to make the sacrifice if it meant they’d stop sending me statements with a one cent credit.

Here is the result:

a cheque for one cent

Apparently, that’s the only way to get it out of their system. The agent I spoke to found it as amusing, but as he said, every penny needs to be accounted for. So there it is. One cent. Fully accounted for.

10 thoughts on “One Cent Cheque

  1. Are you going to cash it??! Hahah! I can only imagine the teller’s face at the bank! :D

  2. Stand by for a barrage of “We want your business back!” mailings

  3. You could have gone to the Casino and played the penny slot machine. Could have been a lucky penny….

  4. You should NOT cash it. You should allow it to expire. Don’t lie and tell them you didn’t get it. Just simply let it go without being cashed. They’ll have to carry it as long as required, it will be outstanding in their accounting system until ultimately written off.

  5. Yeah, I thought about doing stuff like making a big deal out of cashing it, making a Youtube movie, etc., but ultimately that would be pointless as this is really a non-story. The one cent credit was my fault, and AMEX was just doing what they’re programmed to do.

    Still, it’s kind of fun to have a one cent cheque kicking around the house.

  6. I was going to say not only you have to cash it, but you have to look at the cashier and ask, anxiously: “will it be held until it clears???”

  7. I got a cheque for .46 cents from Rogers. I too was fed up with receiving a statement every month with a balance owing to me of .46 cents.

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