10 thoughts on “Election Fail

  1. And the world is a safer place come January. Until then however all bets are off. I’m sure W and company aren’t satisfied with fighting only two wars. I mean what kind of legacy is that?? Too bad this proposition didn’t pass:

    “San Francisco voters have turned down the chance to rename a local sewage plant after President Bush.

    Voters rejected Proposition R, a lighthearted attempt to memorialize the outgoing president at the Oceanside Water Pollution Control Plant. “

  2. I am glad everybody is drunk on Obama cool-aid. Now you can all enjoy the space-ships and 10 million dollar stimulus packages Obama promised for everyone.

  3. McCain/Palin’s FAIL and the Dem’s, specifically Obama’s win is on the surface a big step forward globally for the US of A but…

    watch out for the upcoming efforts to reduce free trade and a claw back that will focus on keeping jobs and money in America for Americans and it’s resulting negative impact on Canada.

  4. Just when I thought I’d found an interesting site, you had to ruin it by being an idiot.

    When Rev Wright is sleeping in the Lincoln Bedroom, you’ll realize that Obama is not the messiah.

  5. Only an idiot would think that Obama is the Messiah.

    And only an idiot would interpret this FAIL photo as meaning that I think Obama is the Messiah.

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