The Ancient Tea Horse Road

Jeff Fuch: Ancient Tea Horse RoadMy friend Jeff Fuchs is going to be in town this weekend (September 13) showing photographs and doing a talk to promote his new book “The Ancient Tea Horse Road” (Viking Canada). It’s a book of text and photographs recounting the 6000 kilometer trek through the Himalayas that Jeff lead in 2006, following an ancient tea trading route that is now almost forgotten.

Hell of a trip. Here’s the book description from Amazon:

The Ancient Tea Horse Road winds its way through some of the most unforgiving terrain on earth. Over seven gruelling months, Canadian Jeff Fuchs took on the challenge of following traditional muleteers along this twelve-hundred-year-old route. Documenting his travels in rich and eloquent detail, with stunning photography, Fuchs brings to life a path that has been an escape route, trade highway, and an adventure destination, battling frostbite, snow blindness, and hunger along the way.

Fortunately you won’t need any mules or snow glasses to enjoy his talk and outstanding photographs on Saturday night. And there will be tea; the good people from Camellia Sinensis will be there, providing tea service.

Date: Saturday, September 13, 2008
Time: 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM
Location: Café des Arts, 350 rue St. Paul Est (East end of Bonsecours Market)

The event is informal; sort of a mix of a vernissage and a book launch. The talk will be in English, but knowing Jeff he’ll probably swing into French, Chinese, and maybe even Spanish. Everyone is welcome and the event is free of charge.


In lieu of meaningful content, I hereby present you with five pictures of bees.

Don’t laugh – you try to take photos of live bees with a point & shoot camera. Right. Not easy. (Check Flickr for larger images with more detail, starting here.)

Bee 1:


Bee 2:


Bee 3:


Bee 4:


Bee 5: