Cool Your Red Wine

A reminder on this warm Sunday afternoon that your red wine will be more enjoyable if you cool it a bit before serving. Red wine is normally drunk a bit above “cellar tempertature,” or 16-18 degrees Celsius. But if that Cabernet Sauvignon that you’re serving with dinner has been sitting on the picnic table all afternoon, it’s going to be 27 degrees, or even warmer if it’s been in the sun.

If you’re picnicing, I suggest you keep the red wine in the cooler with the cheese and meats. If you’re at home, put it in the fridge for half an hour before serving, and once opened, keep it away from direct sunlight. You don’t want it to be cold, you want it to be cool. And you most definitely don’t want it to be hot.

It’s a small effort, but your palate will thank you.

2 thoughts on “Cool Your Red Wine

  1. Red wine should be poured in the glass at 15º, a little higher as the quality of the wine goes up, but never, ever, above 18º and 18º would be only for a very structured wine (read expensive).

    A couple of years back, I was in Hawaii with my wife, it was her birthday and I took her to some fancy dinner. Like most restaurant and bars over there, it was in open air. When I asked for a bucket of ice, the waiter tried to look knowledgeable by pointing out that red wine should be served at room temperature. Yeah right, at 32º.

    So, how have you been doing? Not that I miss you or anything like that, but you know once in while I have questions that would easier and more fun to just walk over and ask, than having to dig up on the Internet or make three phone calls. Write, you know the address.

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