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  1. It’s a very liberating thing to just up and take off. Sometimes in the planning, life gets too much of a chance to creep up and buzz you from behind. ;)

  2. No kidding!!!! I’m soooooooooo envious!

  3. Hey- If you guys are still there and want to have a really nice dinner out, I suggest Flora on av. Georges V. Amazing food. Expensive, but not out of control. Last time I was there, the chef greeted everyone at their table. Pretty cool.

  4. I agree with the milliner. I’m quite envious. Someday… someday.

  5. This is a sort of amalgamation of your last post and this one.

    Last May I was laid off from a company I had worked hard at for over 6 years. By Quebec law if you have worked at least 5 years the company has to give you 4 weeks of severance pay. They were real generous and gave me 6 weeks;-). Anyway, I went Whoo Hoo, I’m on vacation for 6 weeks!

    So I had started that job with a week and half long vacation to England to visit some Canadian friends who has just moved there so I thought what better way to wrap things up by coming full circle with visiting them again if I could find a cheap flight?

    I found a round trip flight to London through Ottawa so I grabbed it. Since I had just seen my friends in January when I went to England then we went to Thailand together I figured I didn’t want to spend two weeks in London. I checked out last minute deals from London and managed to find flight, hotel for seven nights and full buffet breakfast to Luxor, Egypt for $420 cdn round trip. Had a great time and still had time to visit with my friends before heading back home.

    I took the whole summer off collecting unemployment and relaxing with no real intentions of looking for a full time gig because I was planning to go to SE Asia for three months at the end of Nov but I ended up getting a contract that led into another contract and, although I am almost done with the current contract, may get another contract at your old stomping ground, the documentation dept at Discreet/Autodesk.

    SE Asia will come eventually…….

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