Check out the cappuccino I had at Caffè Art Java (downtown Montreal) yesterday. Nice face! It not only looked pretty cool, it tasted great. If you ask me (and I know you’re asking me) Art Java makes the best coffee in town.

Caffe Art Java

When I saw the face in the coffee I couldn’t help but think they ought to put a Jesus face in there some time. Imagine the publicity! Hey, it worked for that Tim Horton’s in Cape Breton.

11 thoughts on “Face

  1. Woe man, The Punisher is coming for you… what have you done? What. Have. You. Done?

  2. the coffee comes from Gimme Coffee in Brooklyn… if you think the coffee is good at Art Java, go to Brooklyn and try the original… it’s seriously the best coffee I’ve had in my life.

  3. WoW, that’s great! I love it! I made them thousands and thousands in the past, in my old place, and I know that there is no good cappuccino without a bit of a passion of its creator…

    i could still recall the fresh smell of hot coffee and there is a place on earth, where it belongs in a very special way:Piazza San Marco, Venice (and the price is also Venetian)

  4. Belle journée pour bouquiner…

    10h38 : Il va faire beau aujourd’hui. Je vais en profiter pour faire toutes les bouquineries de l’avenue Mont-Royal et puis tiens, même celles de la rue St-Denis.

    15h30 : Ed a raison, le café chez Caffè Art Java est vraiment……

  5. If you can do that, you may as well go all the way. Call it Cafe Diablo, set it aflame and have hooded monks bring it to the table while the O Fortuna passage from Carl Orff’s Carmina Burana plays ominously in the background. Now that’s good coffee! – Oh, gotta run, the Folger’s is ready to dump in my travel cup…

  6. Oh my, a proper cappuccino in Montreal (outside of Little Italy?). What next, a decent Mexican place?

  7. Heh heh. But you know, decent coffee is becoming easier to find. Art Java, Caffe en Gamba (on Park, near Fairmount), Cafe Veritas at St. Laurent and Notre Dame, and a few other places have really upped the ante.

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