Most Retarded Dream Ever

I‘ve been having the most bizarre dreams lately, but I’ve not written about them because writing about your dreams is a bit like describing your bowel movements; endlessly fascinating to yourself but of little interest to others. But this one is short, and so over the top that I can’t resist telling.

In the dream, I’m working on a computer, using a Photoshop-like image editor, and I’m trying to adjust the contrast in a photograph. The interface for the software consists of a single scab on the middle toe of the left foot of Carlo Rota, the actor who plays Yasir Hamoudi in Little Mosque on the Prairie, and Morris on 24.

Carlo RotaYou read that right. Rota is in bed, in his pyjamas, with his foot sticking out. I have to wiggle the scab on his toe to get the computer to respond. His feet, by the way, are blistered and swollen, as if he’s just come off a 100 mile march, and they don’t smell so great either. He’s rather annoyed at this inconvenience, but nowhere near as annoyed as yours truly.

I finally throw up my hands and yell “what kind of an idiot designs an interface like this?” Rota just shrugs. Then, to my relief, I wake up.

Incidentally, the last thing I read before falling asleep last night was a section of Neal Stephenson’s 1999 article “In the Beginning was the Command Line,” in which he describes the philosophical differences between Apple and Microsoft as they were developing their respective operating systems.

10 thoughts on “Most Retarded Dream Ever

  1. No Comments? Well I guess there is just nothing to say!

  2. The odd thing is that you’re not *screaming* for help right now… ;-)

  3. … the significance of your dream … hmmmm … you are aware, I hope,
    that Carlo Rota is also the host of The Great Canadian Food Show??
    His creds are pretty impressive, too! Does this make your dream
    any more symbolic???

  4. Martha, I doubt it, as I’ve only seen about five minutes of that show ever. I really think it was influenced by all my kvetching about Microsoft, Apple, and Linux, followed by me reading that Neal Stephenson article.

    But why Carlo Rota? And why his FEET?

  5. Hi Blork

    Thankyou so much for sharing your tips on Rome with me. Looks like you certainly ate well on your trip to Italy.


  6. I’m surprised you chose to call your dream “retarded.” It in no way fits the definition of “retarded” unless you are confusing it “crazy.”

  7. Well, there’s the clinical definition of retarded, and there’s the street vernacular. In this case I’m using the street vernacular.

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