8 thoughts on “I am an Endangered Species

  1. Check this out, buddy. I went to the JCI website to take the survey and like much of Cape Breton… it ain’t working. Lord, love a duck!

  2. I know, same thing happened to me. I think their quality control people must be extinct.

  3. actually when i went home for a funeral i could barely get reception on my blackberry.

  4. Coincidently I received a letter from Cape Breton today. The processing of my application for Canadian Citizenship will take 15 months. I guess only a handful people have not left Cape Breton. Yet.

    They couldn’t even spell my name correctly.

  5. You’re safe enough, that piece was about *young* Cape Bretonners

  6. The survey link is working again. The org. seems earnest & well-intentioned enough in it’s efforts … And so, despite Capers opting for catsup on cake and the area having limited Crackberry reception, I’d suggest all transplanted Cape Bretoners should take a moment to fill out the survey and in doing so; take a moment to reflect on where they are and where they want to be in their lives…
    -I threaten Laurie regularly that I want to retire there. She laugh a a nervous laugh when I do.
    -We’re also planning to tack an extra week on to our Christmas/Family Visit trek to Halifax and use it to do a winter tour around Cape Breton. The Cabot Trail, a lttle skiing at Cape Smokey, the rugged lighthouse, crashing waves picture ops. It’s all good.
    Will ye no come … Will ye no come back again?

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