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Frank the Chicagoan has tagged me for the “Six Quirks” meme.

The rules:

  • Link to the person that tagged you.
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  • Share six non-important things/habits/quirks about yourself.
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This is trickier than you’d think, at least if I don’t want to repeat myself. After all, I’ve exposed my quirkiness plenty of times already. There was “five weird things about me” and “five things you don’t know about me.” And let’s not forget that whole “12 Monkeys” business.

However, as Martine will attest, my quirks are endless. So here goes:

  1. Titus Pullo, innitEver since I watched the HBO series Rome (one of the best series ever put on television, by the way), I’ve been saying “innit” a lot. And I do mean a lot. I picked it up from the Titus Pullo character, a working class soldier who is played by Ray Stevenson, himself a North-east Londoner. Ever since Rome, talk around chez nous is along the lines of “dinner’s ready, innit” or “goddamn Cylon’s a bastard, innit.” The weirdest thing is that it’s now completely natural for me to talk like that, innit. It’s not like I just put it on for a laugh; its like punctuation, innit, demanding to be plugged into almost every sentence. Sometimes I have to consciously stop myself from saying it. Yeah, innit.
  2. Plenty of time for reading...Although I’m in no hurry to see the end of the world, I’m a big fan of post-apocalyptic movies like The Omega Man, Night of the Comet, 28 Days Later, and the first two Mad Max movies. I’m particularly fond of the ones where there’s hardly anybody left in the world. In fact, the only episode of the original Twilight Zone series that I remember is the one where Burgess Meredith plays a myopic and introverted bibliophile who spends his days as a bank clerk. One night he gets locked in the bank’s safe, and when the timer opens the door the next day, he discovers he’s the last person left after some huge annihilation (presumably nuclear). Joyful at the prospect of having all the time in the world to read, and of never again being harassed by his boss, he goes immediately to the public library. Unfortunately he drops and breaks his eyeglasses on the library steps – glasses he needs in order to read.
  3. ka-boom!Martine, with whom I share many things, is in the habit of blurting out “NOOK-ular!” (à la George Dubya Bush) whenever someone on the radio or television says “nuclear.” We both get a good laugh out of it, to the point where I’ve started to do it. So now it’s my quirk too.
  4. Model OneI love radios. We have at least ten radios in the house (not including the iRadio for my iPod), five of which do little else than be radios. (The others have CD players on them, or are attached to clocks or stereo receivers.) My newest radio is a Tivoli Model One.
  5. ba-bump, ba-bumpI have a miraculous ability to heal myself. No, really. All I have to do is suffer several weeks of mysterious aches and pains, worry about tumours and incurable diseases, obsess over the Web MD Symptom Checker, and read up on various plagues and epidemics. Then make an appointment to see my doctor. It’s virtually guaranteed that all symptoms will vanish a few hours before the appointment.
  6. Copyright Chris LevineI don’t like to tag people for memes. Yes, that’s a quirk, innit, particularly since I don’t mind being tagged myself. I guess you could say I’m not exactly consistent. Generally, I end up tagging folks who are highly unlikely to pick up the meme, such as the Queen, or Chelsea Clinton. This quirk will not abate with the meme at hand.

OK, as I said in number six, I don’t play fair in that I don’t tag people. But how about this instead; I hereby invite any reader who does not have their own blog to share their six quirks (or fewer, if you like) in the comments to this post. Go ahead. You know you want to…

7 thoughts on “Six Quirks

  1. I LOVE the WebMD symptom checker!!!!! I have successfully (before he went to the doctor to get a, um, qualified opinion) diagnosed many of the Tinman’s aches, pains and maladies. Of course, if I knew how to link to them (the stories of his aches and pains) in this comment, I would. But then again, I’m a bit of a technophobe (or actually, maybe blogophobe is the better word) in that respect. OK, that’s two of six quirks…for now.

  2. I love the Tivoli One I got to let me listen to the bordering NPR radio station after work banned streaming audio. Likely my tenth, too.

  3. Innit? It must sound so weird in the mouth of somebody who is not a teenager, especially with a North American accent. You just *have* to record it and stream it. =)

  4. Oh yeah and I love that little radio, I got one for free when I purchased my credit card smashing lens for my camera. Its pretty.

  5. I was watching some British cooking show and I discovered that the lower-class Brits have their own way of saying “Know what I mean?”

    Rappers (among others) punctuate almost every sentence with “Nahmeeen?” (or “Nahmsayyyn?”) but with the Brits it’s “Jo’tamean?” with a short plosive in between the “jo’t” and “amean”. Try it. You’ll sound just like a bloke from Blackpool.


  6. That’s a big problem for me. I assimilate expressions from everyone and TV shows alike. With my new contract with the circus freaks, I work with folks from all over the planet and get to travel all over. I’m picking up expressions that most ppl can’t understand when I get back to Canaduh. Sometimes I don’t even realise I’ve begun using the expression, someone help me please. I’ve even added FRAK to my vocabulary and that’s obscure unless yer a BSG fan.

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