My “Test the Nation” Score

CBC runs the occasional “Test the Nation” quiz show on TV, and while I’ve had a mild interest in playing along I always manage to miss it. It ran again last night (the “trivia” version), and Martine and I recorded it although we only watched it for a few minutes. Doing so prompted me to go to the CBC web site at lunch time today and do the test online.

As you will know if you’ve ever seen the show, CBC invites people from various walks of Canadian life to attend the show live, in the studio, and to play together in groups according to interests or profession. Last night’s show was interesting because one of the competing groups was a collection of 36 Bloggers, including local representatives Hugh McGuire, Julien Smith, and Craig Silverman. Happily, and perhaps not unexpectedly, the bloggers kicked ass, winning the game over the other groups (celebrity lookalikes, cab drivers, chefs, backpackers, and flight crews). The average blogger score was 50 out of 60.

my score

rankingsI scored 48 out of 60 when I did the test, although there were two answers that I knew I got wrong the second I submitted them. But close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades (and drive-in movies, soft shit fights, and Florida elections) so I must accept my below average (at least for a blogger) standing.

On the other hand, the tests rankings puts me near the top of the “world wide wonder” category, whatever that means, so I guess it’s not so bad.

How about you? What did you score?