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  1. It’s gorgeous and if I had the cash….

    The battery isn’t user-replaceable, though…Having gone through the MacBook Pro Battery Bulge issue, the ability to swap a power pack when one dies is kinda crucial, especially if you’re a road warrior. It could be that the battery pack is so thin it’s essentially caseless, like the one in the iPod, but given how users gripe when their iPod batteries die, imagine the fuss when their main laptop goes?

  2. Oh man, I want that. They also need to develop the light as air laptop bag.

  3. Hmmm…my desktop keyboard is 3/4-inch thick – and has things to PROP IT UP SO IT’S USABLE! For $1800 I can get a heckuva lot more machine than this – anyone looked at specs? You want a decent config, it’s over $3000.

    I’ve seen laptops with FASTER HD’s for $400. Sheesh.

  4. “(according you read French)” – obviously ESL; this isn’t a valid construct in English – and no, I don’t speak or read French well enough to claim even basic proficiency.

    WHO is this thing marketed to? It’s too limited and non-upgradeable for a hi-end tech, and WAY too expensive vis-a-vis performance for anyone else.

    The ‘stupid’ market, maybe?

  5. Calm down grndrush. The target market is people who want reasonably powerful and extremely lightweight (and slick looking) portable computer, and who have a lot of spare money laying around. That’s actually a pretty sizeable market. Specialized, for sure, but not small by any stretch.

  6. For the record, there are a few things I’m disappointed about. For example, only one USB port. So if you plug in a mouse, you can forget about plugging in a Flash drive (which might be useful in the absense of an optical drive). Sure, you could use a bluetooth mouse, but AFAIK that’s a pretty good drain on the battery.

    I have a theory about the lack of upgradeability, or at least the lack of access to the components. I think it’s due to structural limitations of the casing.

    The top priority of this design seems to have been to make it thin. So instead of it having a frame inside with a skin around it, I suspect it’s got some kind of “unibody” design. To cut into that body to get access to the battery and RAM ports (etc.), would probably weaken the structure.

    Just a theory…

  7. grndrush: Right, ESL, and at work so can’t write a lot nor check my sentences prior to posting. I try though :)

    This is marketed at the same people who buy iPod Nano. Why would you buy that? As expensive as its bigger iPod Classical counterpart. WAY less features and more expensive than the excellent Sandisk MP4 players. Why would you buy that piece of crap? – I leave the question open, will not answer that one, you can find better source than me.

    It has all the features normal people want, including sexier, sleeker and smaller. The $3000 model you were talking about only have 200MHz more (1/8th more), as well as a solid-state HDD that nearly no one else has. I make the point most of my personal computer usage doesn’t need more, nor do I really use my DVD player, nor do I really need some Ethernet connection at all times.

    On that, I repeated myself more than enough.

  8. I think the lower power drain from the small hard drive, lack of optical disk, and use of LED backlighting offsets any power usage from the Bluetooth and Wifi radios.

    But yes, it’s the kind of laptop that needs a docking station if you want to plug in lots of goodies. Just wait a month or so and Belkin will likely have one with a powered USB hub, fullsize DVI / VGA connectors, and maybe audio I/O.

    The lack of fast i/o is interesting, though — no ExpressCard slot or FireWire. It seems like the first Mac laptop that’s truly not a “desktop replacement” nor aimed at the usual multimedia-production market; as you said, more of a sleek executive model.

  9. Indeed. There’s no way this is positioned to be someone’s only computer. This is aimed at people who have a full-blown Mac on their desk and want a second, portable machine for mobility. (And who also have no shortage of cash.)

  10. Its thin .. but its really ugly. C’mon .. its silver! and its got BLACK keys? MacbookPro’s look alright silver cuz it had matching silver keys.. Besides. . silver was SO half a decade ago…. The clam-shell shape with the tapering edges is just … ugh…

    I can’t imagine the Macbook Air selling like hotcakes with that kind of price….. Why would one pay $1900 to surf the web? I mean sure its 3lbs and thin … but it still takes up space width/height-wise (since its 13″widescreen) so you would still need like a messenger bag or backpack to put it in. Although thin and light, I don’t think its that portable.

    Also, does it keep itself cool?

    Just like some posters above …just who exactly is this notebook aimed for? It’s like one of those things that everyone wants to look at and touch, but no one would actually buy one…

  11. Yeah, it’s kinda cool, but for the money why not buy a real MacBook or MacBook Pro and avoid issues like lack of user replaceable battery etc… plus it’s thinner but it’s just as big (length and width) as a MacBook so it’s not really much more conveniently small than MacBooks are already. Plus the SSD is WAAAAY too expensive. A thousand dollars for 64GB? Gimme a break.

    I’ve been looking for something smaller and lighter than my PowerBook for travel and such, and I’ve settled on the eeePC (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/EeePC). Fraction of the price, fraction of the size. They come with small (2, 4, or 8GB) solid state drives, and SD card slots for extra storage (plus USB 2.0). I’m planning on getting a 4 or 8GB model and slapping a 16GB SD card in there. Maybe you couldn’t edit video on the thing, but it’s fine for office apps, the web, music, video playback, etc. And all for less than half the price of a MacBook.

  12. Tux, I handled a eeePC last week and fell in love with it. My only dislike was the screen, which is only 800 pixels across, which means a lot of horizonal scrolling on Web sites. But if you want a no hassle, dirt cheap, super portable laptop for email, Web, and office work, it’s excellent.

    Realistically, there’s no way I’ll ever own a Macbook Air. But I’d buy an eeePC in a minute if I had such a need.

  13. …oh, and the touchpad and mouse buttons were not very elegant. But what do you expect for $300?

  14. Tux > Plus the SSD is WAAAAY too expensive. A thousand dollars for 64GB? Gimme a break.

    Well, if you look at the Dell XPS M1730, you can switch from a 160GB 7200RPM to a 64GB SSD for a fabulous 840$ more. These are 3.5″, ymmv for 1.8″. Simply to say the price is in the ballpark.

  15. Do you thnik this is a good computer for student ? and maybe for travelling? for 800$ ?

  16. Sophie-Anne, you’re kidding, right?

    If it was $800 it would be a good computer for anyone, but at $1700-$3000 (depending on configuration) it’s really only good as a second computer for people with money to burn.

  17. … this is a laptop for people that have a desktop and possibly allready another laptop…
    i don’t know if it would be good for people with money to burn but i just ordered one!

  18. I am buying it today! I have the Imac and love it im just gonna have that as a second computer.

  19. Well no, it’s just because I found a guy on ebay who were selling a macbbok pro and a macbook air for 800…but his tiems was not for bid..we wanted to do the transaction directly with the buyer..! That sound strange..I think we wanted to scam me ? ( i’m not sure for this word)

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