Intruder Alert!

Toute la famille is gathering chez nous for Christmas. Tonight we’ll have four overnight guests, and tomorrow it will be up to seven. Oh – and there’s a dog. An adorable ten-month-old labradoodle who stands about three feet tall and is still in the throws of full hyperactive puppydom.

The mini, however, is not impressed. He spent the first half hour of Maggie’s presence in “hallowe’en cat” mode; arched back, puffed-up tail, hissing and spitting. All that from the safety of the stairs that go to up to the second storey.

Then he calmed down a bit and was content to simply glare and send lightning bolts of hatred from his eyeballs. He still hasn’t come face-to-face with the dog, and I suspect he never will.


It’s going to be an interesting three days…

5 thoughts on “Intruder Alert!

  1. Love the photo! I suspect Squirrel will go through a bit of the same with 2 young energetic kids being here all day tomorrow. But he’ll probably just run and hide. Let the dog deal with them.

  2. […] Nous avons reçu toute ma famille immédiate (10 adultes, 3 enfants, un chien et un chat) pour une cinquième année consécutive et bien que ce fut très agréable, je me sens aussi vidée d’énergie que cette pauvre dinde. En plus de la folie habituelle du temps des fêtes, nous avons eu droit à un peu d’action. […]

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