Another Spiffy Day

Very early in the first year of my BFA program in photography at Concordia University, we were called upon to produce a small portfolio of new work. I had started classes a few weeks late because I’d been out of town working all summer, so I was at a big disadvantage. Anyway, the Saturday before the project was due, I was sitting in my dining room trying to figure out what to do when I noticed my three cats (Larry, Oreo, and Spiff, who was just a kitten at the time) were starting to get rowdy with each other.

So I documented the whole scene over the course of several hours. Believe me, photographing fighting cats is not easy – and this was pre-digital. I noticed that Spiff was the aggressor in every attack, although most of the time he got his ass kicked, so he became the star of the show

Dramatis personæ

I printed the photos full-frame (some of my instructors were “full frame fetishists,” and so was I for a while) and mounted them into an accordion style book called “Another Spiffy Day.” The instructors were torn, because they really liked the work but they couldn’t bring themselves to praise a book about cats. Ditto the other students; most dismissed the book right away, but I think it was the most looked at and commented on project that was handed in that day.

Inspired by the “Ernie” book I linked to on Friday, I decided to dig out my “Another Spiffy Day” book and scan it. I put it on Flickr yesterday, in a set. You can see the set here, or view it as a slide show here.

It’s not high art – I never expected it to be seen that way. But it has action, a narrative, and most importantly, it has cats!

(By the way, Larry is featured in this week’s Monday Morning Photo Blog image.)

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  1. Spiff is sooooo cute as a kitten! Great photos to have to remember your cats.

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