Crack in the basement at “The Bay”

Traffic is blocked on de Maisonneuve boulevard because of a crack in the basement of the downtown department store “The Bay.” The crack runs all the way to the McGill Metro station. As a precaution, the green line of the Metro is closed between Berri and Lionel Groulx. Also, The Bay has been evacuated, as well as some nearby buildings.

I went for a look. Here we see a small scrum of reporters waiting for the street to collapse, as had been rumoured might happen. I heard one cameraman say “It better collapse soon, I gotta be somewhere.”

Waiting for the collapse

It is unknown if there is any connection between this and the construction of the new bicycle lane along de Maisonneuve (you can see the new lane, and the new median, running along the left side of the street).

Update: apparently there’s a crack in the street too, and it runs about 100 feet (between Aylmer and Union streets). Authorities say the “worst case scenario” is a collapse of the street.

12 thoughts on “Crack in the basement at “The Bay”

  1. Ed- I think you may have missed your calling as a journalist!

  2. Is it caused by a new tunnel from China to The Bay to import more clothes from there ? You see what is happening when you mess with China ! ;-)

  3. now i’m not saying you *caused* this to happen, :-) but how valid do you think are the comments that the structure of the new bikepath median _may_ have been responsible for the shift?
    it sounds unlikely to me, but what do i know?

  4. Looking at the current construction on the bike lane median running throug Maisonneuve / St.Denis you can see how deep they dig for pouring the concrete and regardless of what they did they are not responsible .. I mean even if a bunch of construction workers “set off” the crack then its just a matter of time before someone else causes it with other construction. The only possible answer here is NEGLECT, years of ignoring the inspections to save money just like LaRonde or La Bateau Mouche dumps raw sewage to avoid expensive procedures before the media exposes them. We need more people exposing these things, like the SQ in montebello being exposed with a video upload. Sometimes the internet, and word of mouth is the only democracy we have left.

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