180 Foot Homer Invents a New Sport

The folks behind the marketing of the upcoming The Simpsons Movie have angered pagans worldwide by creating a 180-foot tall image of an underwear-clad Homer Simpson on the same hill as the famous Cerne Abbas Giant in Dorset, England. The image of Homer is made of biodegradable paint which will eventually dissolve and wash away.

The image of Homer holding a donut aloft is already iconic of the movie’s publicity, but this image puts a new spin on it. Not only is Homer clad only in his underwear (in contrast to the giant’s brazen and aroused nakedness), but I can’t help but think of the donut as a sporting instrument instead of a fattening snack.

donut toss

Go, Homer, Go!

he scores!

Woo hoo! Homer gets a ringer in the Erotic Donut Toss.

As for the pagans, they are understandably upset over this apparent desecration of a sacred place. After all, the giant is a revered icon that has aided the fertility of countless Lord of the Rings fans. We should all be upset over this brash and profane display of commercial publicity.

On the other hand . . .

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!

5 thoughts on “180 Foot Homer Invents a New Sport

  1. I think the actual intent of the marketing department was to have it look like Homer was throwing the doughnut for the giant to bat away with his club. Your idea is much more amusing.

  2. I was thinking Homer was just mirroring the giant’s pose. Anyway, this bugs me because this thing is only 400 years old or so.

  3. Reminds me of the joke:
    Q: How can you tell the most popular guy on the nudist beach?
    A: He’s the one who can bring back 2 coffees and a dozen doughnuts from the snack bar.

  4. I’ll never look at my son’s plastic ring stacker toy the same way again.

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