I bought a Honda Fit

For the first time in my life I have a new car. Well… actually we have a new car. OK, to be precise, she has a new car, but I’m paying for half of it and I get to drive it sometimes. So it’s ours no matter what the registrations says.

We shopped around a bit but not a lot. We knew we wanted something that is small and very fuel efficient yet can hold a lot of stuff. Definitely a hatchback. That narrowed the field considerably, and we ended up test driving three different cars. In the end, we decided to get a Honda Fit (known as the “Jazz” in some parts of the world).

Blue Honda Fit

I was worried that with its tiny little 1.5 litre engine I’d feel like I was driving a toy car, but in fact the little guy is very zippy. I’ve always preferred a nicely performing small engined car to those big lazy V8 cars that everyone used to get all puffed up over when I was a kid.

Best of all, the Fit has those “magic seats” that flip up and down into more configurations than you can do with any other car. You can set it up in four different “modes,” including a “long mode” in which the front passenger seat and the back seats flat, creating enough space for a surfboard. (‘Cuz you know… surfing? You never know …)

Honda Fit Modes

I particularly like the “tall mode” as it means I can just drive my bicycle right in there without having to cram it in through the back hatch or to worry about getting grease on the seats. They’ve even put the fuel tank in a non-traditional location to allow for more cargo space.

Honda Fit Tall Mode

I wish we had had this car when we moved into our house three years ago. All those trips to IKEA, renovation stores, Canadian Tire, etc., would have been a lot more pleasant without all the cussing and swearing about how to cram the stuff we bought into a sedan. At the time we swore our next car would be a mini-van.

A mini-van? Please. Who needs it when you have a car like this?

8 thoughts on “I bought a Honda Fit

  1. There are certainly a lot of surfboards around my house these days ;-)

  2. I’m really considering buying that car too…
    Perfect for camping, dogs, lots of friends and trips to IKEA!

  3. Congratulations! Those are great little cars and I’d really like to have one.

    Maybe they should rename it the “IKEA car” or the “Flatpack Fit”.

  4. I thought Jazz was a bad name, but Fit just makes me giggle. :)

    I agree, though – it’s a great car.

  5. I agree; I’m glad it’s not called the Jazz here. Seems kinda cheesy. “Fit” is great because it opens up endless possibilities for jokes and puns and comments about what can fit in the car, where the car can fit, blah blah blah. And I like the way Martine says it. Sorta like “FffffiT!”

  6. Me too, I had it in mind. It’s one of the best cars around, very handy. Lots of room.
    Too bad Honda did not ship the newer one here. Too bad it does not qualify for the govt rebate. (but Honda gives the same amount),

  7. Congratulations! Honda Fit is economical, reliable and flexible. It had been incorporated by upscale parts (ex: honda spark plug wire) which gives the car a good performance, handling and comfortable driving. A great car indeed. :)

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