Cranky rabbit

I used to think I might be a good cartoonist. Years ago I discovered I could draw goofy and cartoonish characters pretty well – certainly better than some of the cartooning superstars out there like Scott Adams.

Unfortunately there was something missing – the joke. Or more specifically, the point.

Sure, I could draw a polar bear sitting on an ice floe eating a banana, or an airplane flying through the ears of guy in a suit. But it was never very funny or clear what the intention was. I also had the problem of not being able to draw “on demand.” So even on those rare occasions when I came up with a punch line, I couldn’t draw the corresponding picture. Nor could I draw something that someone asked me to draw.

So my doodles were perpetually just characters, drawn on the fly, and perpetually in search of meaning or at least a punch line. Frustrated, I instead made a career writing software manuals because hey, that was easy.

Here’s one of my characters, hastily scrawled onto a white board a few years ago. He’s a curmudgeonly rabbit who hangs around in bars making cranky wisecracks at people. I was going to call him “Doug” or “Ron” or something like that. I left him up there on the board for a few months, waiting for inspiration. None came.

Hey, it's just a sketch -- first draft!

Frankly, I think I’ve done better with this blog. It won’t make me rich or famous (neither would the cartooning have done so), but at least with the blog I’m not at a loss for words. (Recent dry spell notwithstanding).

5 thoughts on “Cranky rabbit

  1. As a cartoonist, I kept getting people wanting to give me ideas, who couldn’t draw. (Then wanting to split the proceeds – no thanks!)

  2. I’m wanna call him “Hare of the Blog” yuk-yuk

  3. Maybe you need to have a bitter drunken rabbit blog to combine the two skills.

  4. Sounds like you have a cool blog feature in the making.
    Cool thing with blogging is: you can post whenever you get the inspiration to do so. And it can make the world richer.

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