Good news

As I continue to mull over the purpose, significance, and point of this blog, you’ve probably noticed that I’ve been sparing you the usual vomitoria of half-baked polemics and expostulations. Last week, for example, I bored you with photographs of flowers. I’ll start this week with a photograph of my Sunday dinner:

beefy num-num

That would be a grilled beef tenderloin steak with an herb butter on top. Also on the plate are roasted bell peppers, lightly steamed asparagus, and raw grape tomatoes. This was the second course – I opened the meal with a mushroom risotto (perhaps the finest I’ve ever made).

How do I get rid of CodeTek Virtual Desktop? (Mac)

I have a 12-inch iBook that I bought second hand a few years ago which I use primarily as a mobile Web terminal. It came with CodeTek Virtual Desktop preinstalled. I never use it, and it just gets in the way (it puts some kind of virtual desktop container thingy on the bottom of the screen that gets in the way of resizing application windows). But I’ve never figured out how to uninstall it.

I tried the obvious, which is to drag the application to the trash. But it won’t let me do that because the application is running – even though it doesn’t show up in the “Force Quit” menu. I can’t seem to get any kind of application menu for the thing. I tried right-clicking, Ctrl-right, Cmd-right, double-clicking the application, and everything else I could think of, but I can’t get a menu to appear that will let me quit the thing so I can uninstall it.

I’m hoping some of you loyal Mac fans will come to my rescue. Any ideas on how I can get rid of CodeTek Virtual Desktop?

Wet leaves

Yes, another gardening post. Hey, it’s spring and I’ve had distractions, alright? Besides, I know none of you read my 1500 word polemics anyway, so I might as well make it easy for myself.

Possibly the only thing more boring than flower photos are photos of wet leaves. (They’re all the same color!) Thus, I proudly present you with a photo of wet leaves.

I like this one because it reminds me of those candy spearmint leaves I used to eat as a kid.

If you click the photo you’ll download a high-res 1680 x 945 pixel version (about 800 K) which makes a rather vivid wallpaper for wide-screen monitors. Don’t thank me, just click on an ad. Oh wait, I no longer have ads. OK, toss me a nickel next time you see me.