Zeke’s Gallery Blog has Gone Dark

Zeke’s Gallery Blog has gone dark as a result of the ridiculous “scandal” that has plagued him for the past few months. (If you’re not up on the issue, Fagstein provides an excellent chronological breakdown.) I spoke with Chris today and he assured me that the darkness of his blog is self-imposed, on the advice of his lawyer. The move is temporary, and he expects to be back online after the smoke clears.

I wish I had something new to add to the story but it’s been pretty well covered already (and nicely digested by Fagstein). Chris has another hearing on Thursday (June 21/07) at the Montreal Palais de Justice, in room 2.16 (file number 24) beginning at 9:00 AM.

One thought on “Zeke’s Gallery Blog has Gone Dark

  1. just read the fagstein article. holy shit–so tedious and so chilling at the same time. also: WTF?! how does it benefit anybody to cow bloggers into submission?!

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