How do I get rid of CodeTek Virtual Desktop? (Mac)

I have a 12-inch iBook that I bought second hand a few years ago which I use primarily as a mobile Web terminal. It came with CodeTek Virtual Desktop preinstalled. I never use it, and it just gets in the way (it puts some kind of virtual desktop container thingy on the bottom of the screen that gets in the way of resizing application windows). But I’ve never figured out how to uninstall it.

I tried the obvious, which is to drag the application to the trash. But it won’t let me do that because the application is running – even though it doesn’t show up in the “Force Quit” menu. I can’t seem to get any kind of application menu for the thing. I tried right-clicking, Ctrl-right, Cmd-right, double-clicking the application, and everything else I could think of, but I can’t get a menu to appear that will let me quit the thing so I can uninstall it.

I’m hoping some of you loyal Mac fans will come to my rescue. Any ideas on how I can get rid of CodeTek Virtual Desktop?

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  1. That application is probably started in your Log In Items. To disable it go to System Preferences -> Accounts and then in the Log In Items tab, locate it and press the minus sign underneath the list to remove it. Now log out and log in again and you can now toss the application since it’s no longer running or just leave it there in case you later want to use it.

  2. According to their own documentation (You do read documentation, do you? :-) :

    “To Uninstall CodeTek VirtualDesktop Pro

    To uninstall CodeTek VirtualDesktop Pro double-click the CodeTek VirtualDesktop Pro Uninstaller that is located in your user’s Library -> Logs folder.”

  3. Ahhh, the secret is revealed. Thanks!

    (BTW, what documentation? I don’t have any documentation, I don’t have a an uninstaller anywhere I could find, I don’t have a Help button… I don’t even have a menu for the thing. Just a stupid virtual desktop thing taking up space …)

  4. Google? The Internet? That’s usually the first thing I try when I need documentation, even when I actually have the documentation somewhere.

    Googling “Uninstall Codetek virtual desktop” brings you to a PDF and there I found the answer.

    But I admit, the way they do it is very un-Mac-like and you’re right to bitch about it.

  5. Actually, I did find a PDF of the manual, but it didn’t help me since I don’t have an uninstaller (or at least I couldn’t find it). It was your first tip that helped me — the one about the Log In Items thing in the Accounts preferences. There’s nothing about that in the CodeTek manual, and I’ve never seen that preferences item on the Mac before.

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