Flower photos are boring . . .

. . . yet flowers are beautiful, as are the mock orange blossoms in our front yard. They’re beautiful, so I take photos of them. But flower photos are boring, so I wish I hadn’t. But then I post them anyway, because flowers are beautiful. But I swear I won’t do it again. Until some more flowers appear, and because they are so beautiful I take boring photographs of them. Round and round we go . . .

Mock orange blossoms - click to see larger versions

10 thoughts on “Flower photos are boring . . .

  1. i like flower photos. entire sites of flower photos are boring. not the occasional one. but that goes for ALL photos.

  2. With this particular flower, it’s the smell that’s amazing. We need Webodorama!

  3. Copycat.

    It is irresistable. I’m also not a fan of looking at them, yet I feel compelled to take them. That said, this is a well taken photo. I tried taking some other shots over the weekend and had trouble with the lighting.

  4. This seems to be an annual concern Ed! I think it was about this time last year that you posted a blog entry or something about this same subject!

    Some things are so cliché (if that’s the right word) that you just can’t get around it. But, it’s a pretty great challenge… to take a flower photo that you like for it’s photographic merits as well as the beauty of the flower.

    Just because everyone’s doing it, doesn’t mean it can’t be done well or in an interesting way. It’s just a lot harder. :)

  5. Great pictures, photo of flowers are boring but i like them anyways!

  6. You go ahead and photograph all the pretty flowers in your yard Blork and whatever the hell else you want to do in between the changes and the meals and physiotherapy. You’ve earned it. Happy Birthday!!! You haven’t got older, you just got softer…

  7. Awww man…. I have tonnes of flower photos i wanted to post….

  8. flower photos, like baby photos, are self-justifying. post away, and if some grouch (which could be me!) doesn’t like them, they will come back again later.

    gorgeous photo!!! :-)

  9. We’ve got a mock orange blossom in our back yard – it’s the only “original” plant in the whole garden that I adore (I replaced the rest.)

    BTW, my midwife told me this morning that many women use flower photographs as something to focus on when in labour. So if you keep posting flower pics, I can just stare at your blog while I’m giving birth. Now there’s a thought!

  10. The flowers are beautiful, not boring. I am also a mad photographer and digital imagery only made it easier to shoot zillions of photos. Snap Away I say!
    Funny, I found your blog while searching for Cape D’ Or. Saw the photos from that area. I’m actually heading up to Parrsboro next Monday for two weeks in a cottage on Minas Basin. I love it there!
    I visited Martine’s blog but I don’t speak French :(

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