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Despite my steady tailspins into the stinking gutters of the blogosphere, Miss Vicky has nominated this blog for a Thinking Blogger Award. The best part is that I win by simply being nominated!

It’s not really an award, per se. It’s more like a meme, where people give a little nudge to fellow bloggers who they think are making particularly good use of their noggins. Other Thinking Blogger Award winners include Donald Crowdis, the 93-year-old Canadian blogger (who has been silent since early March) and the remarkable David Scrimshaw whose blog includes things to do with binder clips.

I bow deeply in gratitude to Miss Vicky. Part of the deal is that in accepting the award you must turn around and acknowledge five others by naming them as bloggers who “make you think.”

It’s not so easy to come up with five nominees. Not that there’s a shortage of thinking bloggers on my blogroll and in my feeds – quite the opposite. The blogs I read are so full of thinking that it’s hard for me to narrow it down.

But I shall give it the old college try. Therefore, I hereby nominate the following five people as bloggers who make me think:

Martine, of Yes, nepotism is allowed. And in this case it is justified, as Martine is a heck of a good thinker although I sometimes question her taste in men. She mixes it up, going from funny to poignant, polemical to poetic, factual to whimsical, and in two different languages.

Lisa, of Blog from A Broad. I’ve known Lisa for ages, since before anybody had even heard of blogs. She’s got a keen eye and a rapier wit, and she brings them together nicely in her expat blog from the UK.

Beth, of The Cassandra Pages. Beth’s blog is a beautifully written journal of the things that occupy her days and mind. She covers everything from literature to social issues to her life as a recent immigrant to Montreal (from Vermont). She’s an erudite and reliable witness to her own life and the lives of the people around her.

Kingdaddy, of Arms and Influence. I have no idea who Kingdaddy is (his bio says he’s a veep at a software company), but his bio says “I’ve spent my whole life thinking about the connection between violence and politics” and it shows. He’s neither a sword-waving war monger, nor a tree hugging pacifist. He’s a clear-thinking commentator on war and conflict who comes at it from the perspective of a historian and strategist. He’s refreshingly free of ideological illusions, which in today’s world is a rare, and very needed, thing.

Mike Johnston, of The Online Photographer. I have a strange love-hate relationship with photography, and as a result I rarely read photography magazines or hang around with photographers. But Mike Johnson has a way of making me enjoy reading about photography. His blog (which includes posts written by others) hits the right notes, whether it’s a review of a camera, a discussion of someone’s work, or thoughts on what’s important in making images.

So there you go. Five bloggers who make me think. If any of you five want to continue the meme, here’s the requisite background information.

6 thoughts on “Thinking Blogger Award

  1. Pardon, but the arms and influence link doesn’t work.

  2. Congratulations. Well deserved.

    It has been this interchange of intellect and banter about reality shows that has really drawn me to the blogosphere. As an added bonus, it has been nice to meet the people behind the brains.

  3. No problem blork, I do the damn things all day, I know how easy it is to mess them up and then go “WTF IS WRONG WITH THIS SITE?” for like 20 minutes.

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