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Over the years I’ve accumulated a lot of computer and electronics junk. I’ve got a couple of near-dead laptops, an old cell phone, a Palm PDA, couple of printers, and a scattering of barely recognizeable parts. But what to do with them?

Computation is a Toronto-based computer recycler with satelite operations in Quebec. They’re holding a special event this week (April 16-22) to coincide with Earth Day. They’re inviting people who are looking for an “environmentally sensitive and privacy ensured method to dispose of [their] unwanted computer equipment” to drop it off at their facilities in Toronto and Montreal.

The address in Toronto is 2444 Bloor St. West, and in Montreal it’s 7080 rue Alexandra, (near the corner of Jean-Talon and St. Laurent).

If you have junk to get rid of, this is your chance. They take your stuff for free, and either re-use the components or dispose of them in a certified environmentally manner. They also have privacy assurace, which I take to mean they completely wipe any hard drives before disposal or re-use.

Here’s the press release for the recycling event that lasts until Sunday. Here’s a list of the stuff they take, along with some blurbs about their various certifications.

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  1. i don’t know if it is different here in TO or for business, but I just got a quote from them for the cost of taking each item on that list. it’s interesting the way these companies work and some are more dodgy than others. in theory you would say they take the equipment, make use of what they can, reduce to useable metals & materials and then properly dispose of the rest. most companies do all of this for free because even with the cost of the labour of this processing, they make good money off of your computer parts. but others make it even cheaper for themselves by stripping out the useful junk and then shipping the rest of the refuse to countries where there are no strict recycling laws. the certificates are the best way to find out if they are on the up & up but a little Googling can help.

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