The Blork Blog is Dead

Long live the Blork Blog. As of five minutes ago, I have cancelled my subscription at Typepad, effectively deleting both the (Typepad version of) the Blork Blog, and the (Typepad version of) the Monday Morning Photo Blog.

The only thing more off-putting than if they had begged me to stay before completely wiping out three years of work and loyal custom is the fact that they did not beg – nor even simply ask – me to stay. I just had to read a few lines telling me that everything would be immediately and irrevocably deleted, tick the little box that says “I agree,” and then boom. It’s gone.

You’d think they’d have a 24-hour cooling off period or something.

Oh well. No biggie. And hey, you might as well cruise over to the bigger and better Monday Morning Photo Blog to check out this week’s image.

6 thoughts on “The Blork Blog is Dead

  1. why did they delete your stuff? some kind of “upgrade” to their software? sounds ridiculous to me. even if you published something they consider “questionable”, it’s still your work and, in my opinion, they have no right to delete it.

  2. No, Cory, maybe I wasn’t clear. . . they deleted everything because I cancelled my subscription. As in, I quit Typepad (because I’ve moved my blog over to here, which is a WordPress-driven thing on my own domain) — and when you quit Typepad, they delete your blog, which is normal.

    This post is just a follow-up (and a bookend) to the various posts I’ve made about moving from Typepad to WordPress.

  3. No. It’s dead. The blork blog on typepad I mean. Kaput! Evaporated. All files deleted. Never to return. But the fact that you’re reading this shows that I moved it all over here first (“here” being instead of

  4. After all this time, I decide to drop by and see what you’re up to just to read that the blork blog is dead?! I doubt you remember me but I use to blog long ago under the pseudonym of Flights of Fancy and was even there when you and Martine met.

    Well, it’s nice to see that you’re still plugging along even if the old stuff is gone. After all there’s a lot to recommend a fresh start. Change is good…

    Bonne chance et a bientot.

  5. But … but … It’s not really gone! It’s only “gone” from Typepad! I moved everything here first, so nothing has really disappeared. Archives in this new location go all the way back to my first post in 2000.

    That said, hey Dominique! Long time no see!

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