Easy Mondays

Perhaps not unexpectedly, my Monday Morning Photo Blog will be, for the next couple of months, centered on my recent trip to Italy. I took more than 700 photos during those three weeks, but fear not, I will not impose them all on you — not even if you come over for a visit.

Some photos from the trip will show up on Flickr (here’s a recent one), and some will appear here on the Blork Blog to illustrate stories or perhaps just for a laugh. The ones I put on the Monday Morning Photo Blog are those that are more about narrative than just aesthetics. It’s always been that way with my photo blog, in case you haven’t noticed.

What do I mean by "narrative?" Well, you know . . . all that mumbo jumbo I learned in art school. (*Cough!* I may not know much about art, but I know what I like. *Cough!*)

Just to confuse things further, this week’s Monday Morning Photo Blog image is (I think) rather aesthetically pleasing but seems a bit short on narrative. Hey, I need an exception to prove my rule (whatever that means). Besides, there is a narrative there . . .  it’s just not so obvious.

No, I’m not one of those snobs who thinks that only those photos with "narrative" are valid. Not at all. I have simply chosen to focus my photo blog on that kind of image. Fun stuff goes on Flickr, and the Blork Blog takes whatever I throw at it.

Like this:


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  1. Your Gondolier Photo puts me right there…

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