Five Weird Things

A while back, this guy tagged me with this "five weird things about me" meme. It’s taken some time for me to get around to it. Too busy being weird…

Five weird things about me:

1. Even though I’m against guns, I’m a crack shot with a .22 on a 25-yard range. (Or at least I used to be.)

2. When I travel, I think fondly about how I leave little bits of myself behind in the places I visit. Flakes of skin, fingerprints, video images, things flushed down toilets, etc.

3. Two of my former girlfriends later changed their names to "Catherine."

4. When I follow someone through a revolving door, I try to make it
through on their momentum (i.e., I don’t push) because I want to see if
I’d get trapped if I were unable to push. Because, like… if I were a
ghost or something, I wouldn’t be able, to like… push.

5. When I asked my girlfriend if she could think of anything about me that’s weird, she just said HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!

Bonus round: Whenever someone mentions the film The Constant Gardner, I always say, with a sigh, "always with the gardening."

Bonus round 2: While I enjoy being tagged for memes, I dislike tagging others, so I won’t. But feel free to tag yourself!

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7 thoughts on “Five Weird Things

  1. I have never been tagged with anything. I feel so left out.

    I don’t get point #3 either. Did they changed their last name due to marriage, or because it was a particular step in the post-Ed-dating therapy process?

  2. Not because of marriage, since it was their first names they changed (and neither had gotten married when they changed it anyways).

    I’d hate to think it had anything to do with me. Just a coincidence… I think!

  3. you *are* weird. nice!

    Hugh’s got hit with this meme – and his version was super tame. I’m glad you took the opportunity to out your true gun-toting, kinda disgusting, OCD, catherine-making self. good on ya.

    I remember telling MK (thehive) that I used to (and still sometimes do) imagine myself leaving an energy trail – a la TRON motorcycles. Because of that I would try to get up from a chair on the same side that I used to sit in it, and when I turned around in the shower I tried to turn around back in that direction – so I wouldn’t get “tangled”.

    I’m telling you – spectrum disorders. There is a wealth of insight possible about ourselves if we don’t let the fact of being functional preclude examination of our “otherness”.

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