6 thoughts on “Theme?

  1. Why don’t you just combine the first two items and save yourself a coupla bucks? ;)

  2. See, you move to the suburbs and it DOES get pretty white, doesn’t it? No more balsamic for you…

  3. Ha ha ha! The funny thing is that I buy white vinegar about once every five years. I almost never use the stuff. But I used up what little we had last week pickling roasted peppers. (I use a mix of white and white wine vinegar.)

    A couple of salad dressings and the rest of the white wine vinegar is gone. The white wine in the list is for cooking — I’ve used a full litre in the past three weeks.

    The balsamic is holding steady. People tend to overuse it. I try not to. One drop at a time is the general rule for that stuff. Mmmmmm.

  4. The boys from New Waterford would beat you up for simply having a grocery list. Low profile, Caper….

  5. We do have white vinegar left but it’s hidden under the sink to wash the salt off of our boots in the winter.

    Just thought I’d mention that for lack of anything else interesting to say.

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