Transit bling


The STM transit pass (left) is dull and boring, and it costs $61.

Hip suburbanites like myself, however, can buy the highly blinged "TRAM 3" version (right), which gives access to both the STM and to zone three of the RTL (Réseau de Transport de Longueuil) transit system.

It’s got shiny stuff on it. But you pay for it — the bling pass costs $94.50.

6 thoughts on “Transit bling

  1. mmm shiny.

    My blinged pass only costs $84.50, but it has “Titre 3T” in big yellow boxes on it.

    Those ghosts look too happy.

  2. I wonder if Tram isn’t an acronym for something?

    Thing is, I don’t need to pay extra to get across the river, since the Longueuil Metro station is on the south side. I pay that so I can get from Chez Moi to the Metro station?

  3. I think the president of the STM has his 6 year-old daughter design these cards every month.

  4. I’m afraid they have a ‘designer’ who ‘design’ these things. I’m already glad that they stopped putting ads on these things. Those cards were really hideous.

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