What is that, some kind of alien?


Actually, it’s the dainty little foot of a small sparrow that I found dead on the back deck. Those deadly-looking claws were used to hold the little guy up when he alighted onto branches, wires, and other things that required a pointy grip.

I don’t know if The Mini killed it or if it died of natural causes. But there it was, tits-up in the deck, all by itself. Poor critter.

7 thoughts on “EEK!

  1. Looking at that, it’s not hard to imagine how they may be descended from dinosaurs…

  2. Might want to check for a feather-dust impact smudge on the patio doors CSI-style, If you haven’t already.

    Next a cross-examination of The Mini. Does he have “tendencies”?

    I’d rule out exposure, the weather wasn’t all that bad.

  3. Harry, you mean like a feather-dust impact smudge this one?

    Didn’t see one in this case, and in fact this happened more than a week ago so it’s a bit late to look now.

    The Mini, on the other hand, certainly does have “tendencies.” He’s a very sweet kitty but a serious bird killah, as I’ve mentioned before.

    He’s such a loose cannon, too, like a teenager. He’s in the animal hospital right now, in fact, because Martine found him this morning with a big flap of skin hanging off. He wasn’t bleeding and didn’t seem to be in pain, but he had this huge three-inch rip in his skin — just the skin, no muscle damage.

    It’s as if he got snagged and just ripped himself free. So bizarre!

  4. The Amazing Harry Hoo who once worked with Maxwell Smart
    might offer this possibility; the cat was attacked by the Craw (not the Craw, THE CRAW!)

    No, eh? Well, would you believe…?

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