No A-List for You!

I checked the Blogebrity list and found that there are no A-list bloggers from Montreal.

Former Montrealer Heather Champ made the B-list, and Maciej Ceglowski, who lived here very briefly and then complained about it, made the C-list.

Big deal. That whole A-List thing is a bunch of crap anyway. Wil Wheaton? Please!

Last Friday I spend half the day at the National Film Board, as part of a group of people presenting to the producers and staff of some of their online efforts. The topic was about the Web and its culture. I presented briefly on the topic of "The Web as a Tool for Communicating, Sharing and Belonging to Communities."

Instead of a PowerPoint Presentation I displayed a Web page full of links to some of the things I was talking about. I made it a point to not link to A-listers. Instead, I linked to (and discussed) some non-A-list blogs that I thought were good illustrations of some of the points I was trying to make.

You might find your blog on the list. Please don’t feel slighted if you don’t. (You’re all A-List to me!) I had only a couple of evenings to slap it together, so it’s pretty basic looking and the content is far from exhaustive.

My reason for not linking to A-listers was simply to make the point that "A-list" and "interesting" do not necessarily correlate. I also reasoned that the darn A-listers are always marched out whenever there’s an "Intro to Blogs" dog-and-pony show, so I wanted people to see something different.

Was it something I said?

… or something I didn’t say?

After six months of continuous growth in readership, the month of May (so far) has seen a huge plunge. I don’t obsess about these things, but when I see the graph (below) I have to wonder what’s going on. The graph shows my page views and visits (according to Site Meter) for the past 12 months, and the month of May up until today (May 22).


On the other hand, even the relatively unpopularity of May is still an improvement over where I was last May, and the three Mays before that.

And I’ve never been one to bait my blog for popularity or whatever. It’s just that when you see a sudden change you wonder why.

So… why?

Polymer overlay survivor’s support group

tricky!I bought a package of those overlays that you put on the screen of your PDA to protect the glass. You know, those clear polymer sheets that stick to the screen by static electricity.

Nice idea, until you try to apply one. Since they are the exact size of the screen (minus, perhaps, one millimetre), you have to be absolutely precise when you lay it down. Keep in mind that it sticks to the glass as soon as it touches, so it’s not like you can move it around until it’s in place.

Even if you are precise enough to line it up exactly, there is the issue of dust and bubbles. The package comes with a cleaning cloth and a tool to help you apply the overlay evenly, squeezing out the bubbles as you slowly roll the thing on, but it’s a very inexact science and requires nerves of steel and a very calm disposition. This is particularly true as you can’t actually touch the underside of the overlay or you’ll leave a fingerprint.

Once applied, bubbles cannot be squeezed out. You have to lift the overlay and try again. After several attempts, a few flecks of dust will have appeared, so when you finally get it right you see a tiny little hair or a grain of something trapped under there. It looks worse when you turn the PDA on.

I was so traumatized by this process — which I did for both my PDA and Martine’s — that I feel I need a support group to help ease me back into normal living.