We’re Number… Four!

I’d like to thank the thousands of loyal readers who voted for the Blork Blog in the Montreal Mirror’s annual “Best of Montreal” alterna-rag marketing campaign. Thanks to you I have achieved the coveted position of number four in the category of “best blog.” To handle the resulting surge in readership, Typepad has granted this blog its own dedicated server, which will be paid for via that popular cash cow: Google ads.

I can’t wait for the phone call from the Mirror’s sales team, who will offer me the opportunity to pay an extra charge for a “BoM” flash on the ad they’re ready to sell me in their very truthful paper.

On the other hand, I may never get such a call, as the “Best Blog” category is probably one of many that the sales team doesn’t bother with. Those are the categories that function as “hip-sounding stuff thrown in there so people don’t realize this is really just a trick to sell ads to restaurants and retail stores.”

No matter. After all, it is enough of an honor to be listed in the same survey that ranked Domino’s and Pizza Hut (in that order) as two of the “best pizzas” in the city.

So far, Buffet Maharaja is the only one to buy an ad with the “BoM” flash (page 34), but that’s probably because they were already familiar with the pitch from last year. Watch in the following weeks to see how many other businesses — who are clearly and unequivocally the best the city has to offer — fall into line and buy BoM-branded ads.

Alternative journalism at its finest. Now please click on one of my Google ads…