5 thoughts on “Candorville

  1. Hey, thanks for mentioning Candorville. I was just Googling myself (c’mon, we all do it), and came across your site.

    If you read Candorville in the Seattle Times, you may have noticed it’s no longer in the paper. The Seattle Times has switched to a 50″ web which means less room for comics, and as one of the newest comics, Candorville’s been squeezed off the page (last hired, first fired).

    We know that despite the change-up, the editors at the Seattle Times like Candorville and there’s a good chance they’d restore it to the page IF readers write in and ask them to.

    If you’re a Times reader who lives in the Seattle area and you want to keep reading Candorville in the Times, you may want to e-mail the Times at timescomics@seattletimes.com and/or call them at 206-464-2200 and let them know you want to see Lemont, Susan and Clyde put back in the paper. Papers do listen to their readers.

    As Lemont Brown would say, the only thing worse than not trying is spam. I still haven’t figured out what he means by that.

  2. I don’t like Prickly City, but even worse is Brewster Rocket- space guy and running a close third is Get Fuzzy.

  3. Thanks for bringing Candosrville back. We love it, but we don;t want to lose the great Zack Hill. If you need to eliminate something take out the Syliva or
    the duplex.We would miss neither, but we will miss the resourceful Zack.

  4. Prickly City is a winner. Candosrville is great also. Bring back Zack Hill and dump Sylvia and Brewster Rockit:Space Guy

  5. I can’t believe someone wouldn’t get Brewster Rockit: Space Guy- the humor is often layered in a Woody Allen style ( there’s often more between the lines). I think it’s one of the best strips out there, I love it.

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