Kissie kissie kissie! X X X!

Since we’ve met, Martine and I have exchanged hundreds, perhaps thousands of email messages. Some have been quite long and profound, while many are short and generally banal ("what’s for dinner?," "you forgot to put the garbage out," "what’s that smell?" etc.). Over the past 30 months, oceans of such messages have coursed through the wires between our computers, most of them hastily typed during the day when I’m at the office and she is busily working at her desk.

Since the beginning, I’ve always signed off with a few X’s and sometimes some O’s, often cascading all over the page, or arranged in lines or patterns. I’m just a kissy kind of guy. Sue me.

Lately, however, the email kisses are often sort of a reflex — a quick email to say I’ll be home late, or "no beef, chicken!" or perhaps to confirm a meeting time for an after-work movie. When I’m busy and the messages are brief, I end them with a quick rat-a-tat-tat of kisses, hit "send," and move on.

I have recently discovered that the habit of ending a message with a flurry of kisses is not restricted to just her. When I check my "Sent" folder, I see that quite a few people whom I’ve emailed recently have be subjected to a barrage of smooches from yours truly. For that I apologize — it was a just a reflex, I swear!

And I apologize to Martine, too, for sending virtual kisses to all those other people. I may seem wanton in type, but the fleshware smooches are only for you!




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6 thoughts on “Kissie kissie kissie! X X X!

  1. There you go. Less than 3 years together and kissing me is already just a reflex…

    I guess I need to get some hot lingerie for Christmas. Or maybe just a fancy cooking pan.

  2. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve mistakenly signed an e-mail, usually work-related, “MJ XXX”, only to catch myself and delete the offending kisses before sending them to a boss or client… Only once did I inadvertently send them, and then had to send an apologetic explanation…

  3. I wondered what all of those weird letters were at the end of those employee evaluations you did for me.

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