I’m home, sick with a sore throat and flu-like symptoms. M stopped by a few minutes ago bearing comforts, including Chinese Ganmaoling tablets.

The information sheet inside the package of tablets was written in Chinese, with the following English translation:

“Ganmaog”, a most effeotine preparotion for thetroatment of common cold and infhienza, is extrocted from selected Chinese medicincl herbs by means of scieritfic method.

The chiclactions of these medicinal ingredients If “Ganmaoing” are antpyretic, antidotd ond antipniogistic, The antipyretic efficiencies, is affording instantancous rellef witl, effecis remardcbly marveious ctinical obsotvattoa hos proved that “Ganmaoiing” is excellent in cure and prcvention common cold and influenza It is affording instantaneous rellef witl, effecis rernarlccdly ofdifferent degrees during the onset of this dtsease Usually, a dosage of four tabtets cam effectively pet under control If an symptoms. Owing to jls auick action and absense of ondesir-able.side effects. both doctors and patiends prefer to use this remedy

Por aoult fout tabsets each.three times daily, Double bosage in severe cases.

As a patriotic Quebecer, I should report this to the Office québécois de la langue français, due to the lack of a French translation. In this case, however, I think the OLF would be relieved.

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  1. And you too will find relief soon if you take your damn Ganmaoling! It’s the fever that makes you read it all wrong! (And it’s “langue française”, langue being a feminine word. Go figure.)

  2. Ow. My eyes crossed after reading (to my great relief) about the employment of “scieritfic method”.

    Hope you’re feeling better soon. For more language laughs, while you’re laid out (oops! I mean, up),

  3. My experience with Chinese cold meds (as with echinacea-zinc tabs) is you have to take them the moment you detect the first suspicious symptoms. They can sometimes stop an early cold in its tracks but I’ve never known them to do any good once the virus really moves in. (Recovering from a doozy of a cold caught from a sneezing seatmate on the plane last week, myself.)

  4. So, you complained a lot that you’re friend brought you some Ganmaoling to help you, and that the Chinese who put the instructions together didn’t do well with their English and ignored French, but… did the Ganmaoling help you or not?

    I do realize that you’re attitude is affected by you not feeling well.

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