Welcome to Chez Blork?

I’ve got the real estate bug, and for the past three weeks or so I’ve been scouring the online real estate ads looking for a condo or a loft. Last Saturday I found a place on the Plateau that hit a few of the good points really hard (view of the mountain, balconies, lots of light), but also hit some of the bad points (busy street, no trees, plain and charmless building). I was under the gun because there was a couple there on their second visit. Finally, by the end of the day I had made an offer, received a counter offer, and had accepted. I was freaking out because I had spent only five minutes in the place!

Sunday I went skulking around the area to get a feel for it. The location is great except for the busy street (de la Roche). So took the next step and hired a building inspector for Monday morning. On my second visit (with the building inspector), some things were better than I had remembered, and some things worse. The “worse” things were really starting to eat me though, and a lot of it had to do with really cheap finishings. (Cheap doors that didn’t fit right, cheap mouldings–where there even were mouldings–cheesy tiles in the bathroom, etc.) Of course I could change all that, but to do it fully would run me in the $15,000 range (minimum) and would be a royal pain in the ass to do (for a solo person with a full-time job, renovation is not a pleasant thought). The icing on the cake was when a neighbour came over to say we were making too much noise.

So I’m breaking the deal. I can do so based on my not liking the condo agreement (which I do not like). The search continues, and I won’t let myself be pressured next time.