More on the naughty advertising

There’s a follow-up in today’s Montreal Gazette to the story I reported yesterday about the guy getting fired for publishing a rather naughty ad promoting Marketing Magazine‘s advertising competition. In the kufuffle, the chair of the competition quit.

The Gazette article doesn’t say much more than what I said, but it does show another of the three ads that were created for the competition. This one is very, very cruel and nasty. that's so mean! The Gazette story also points out that Canadian advertising (like many things Canadian) is notoriously bland, and the designer of these ads, home-boy ad whiz Paul Lavoie, is on a mission to introduce edgy Euro-style advertising to the domestic market. Apparently he’s doing a good job of it–maybe too good. (In the ad, the Dad is saying “HACK“. The theme is “really tough judging.”)

Keep in mind that these ads, and the niche magazine in which they appear, are targetted at battle-hardened advertising professionals who have seen and heard it all. Most of these folks are crying out to push the proverbial envelope, but their clients are fickle and squeemish. (For example, McDonald’s Canada recently nixed an ad concept featuring a single Mom because they were worried it reflected badly on their image of wholesome family values.)