Oh my!

In my on-going quest to figure out what to do with myself, I sometimes think about moving to the country. I always buffer that by requiring said place in the country to be within an hour of a city. The intention is not to commute, but just to be near urban supplies and urbain sensibilities. The main thing preventing me from doing this is the necessity of making a living – something I cannot, at this point, do from home.

Today I stumbled upon the website for the literary magazine The Antigonish Review. I lived in Antigonish, Nova Scotia, for four years while I attended St. Francis Xavier University, and I must say, those were four wonderful years. I always said that if I were to live in a “college town” it would have to be like that one. One link (and idea) lead to another, and next thing you know I was thinking that Antigonish might be a nice place to live (again).

And wouldn’t you know it, I stumbled upon my dream house, for sale!

It’s located about 20 km out of town, and is a two-storey, three bedroom custom built country house, built only about 15 years ago. The design is an odd mix of old traditional and contemporary. It’s actually a really beautiful house from the outside.

Inside, it’s all hardwood (floors, stairs, wainscotting, etc.) and has lots of windows. It’s heated by a wood stove (with electric baseboards as backup), and has an old antique wood-buring stove in the kitchen that is absolutely stunningly gorgeous. Two bathrooms and a root cellar (a root cellar!). Water is provided by a deep well.

It gets better. The property is 70 acres! It’s mostly forest, and includes a stream that runs year-round. As well as the house, there are two out-buildings, including a garage and a workshop.

Here’s the insane part–it’s selling for about the price of a small condo in Montreal.


Omigawd! Omigawd! Omigawd!

In fact, I have two problems… The first is that if I bought the place and moved there I would loose it in a matter of months because of my inability to pay for it (because I’d have to quit my job). The other problem is that it’s awfully far away from here. What about all the people I know and love around here? It’s not like they can just hop in the car and come visit (or vice-versa). We’re talking about a $300 plane ticket followed by a 2-1/2 hour drive!

I suppose I could always buy it and rent it out to visiting professors at the university for a few years while I decide whether or not to make the move…