I can’t wait until lunch tomorrow, so I can eat the leftovers from the dinner I made tonight!

I started by browning some cubed chicken breast along with some onion, celery, carrots, and hot red peppers. Then I cheated and dumped in a can of Patak’s Balti curry sauce (yes, there are a few things I don’t make from scratch). Meantime, a fluffy batch of basmati rice was cooking on the other burner.

I wanted something different (but complimentary) to go with it, so when the curry was almost ready, I sautéed some coarsely chopped mushrooms in a bit of butter and garlic, and then dumped in a big pile of spinach. The spinach, of course, reduced greatly in just a matter of minutes, and right at the end I gave the whole thing I giant squirt of lime juice.

Now that’s good eating!

I wish I could have taken a picture. According to the camera shop I should get my digital Elph back by the end of the week. Woo-hoo!

Heads up! A big change coming to the blork blog soon!