Too hot!

This hot weather is just wrong! After work today I got on my bike and pedalled very slowly through the cauldron of soup that is Montreal up to La Cité, where I had arranged to meet Suki on the terrace of Coasters. We discovered that they have a wonderful 5 á 7 with good beer prices and free eats. Between us we quaffed six glasses of Blanche de Chambly (the best choice for stinky hot weather), and horked down three plates of pizza, nacho chips, and crudité for the low price of $20 CDN, including tax and tip.

Then we hit Cinema du Parc for the 7:30 screening of Hedwig and the Angry Inch. The movie was great, even though it didn’t have any monkies in it. It’s got “cult classic” written all over it. Just wait, in 20 years time they’ll be playing it at midnight during every Frosh Week in North America.

Then we walked home, me to Westmount, and Suki farther along to NDG. The soup hadn’t cooled. Along the way we found a woman passed out on the sidewalk, and I discovered that my cell phone has a special 911 safety feature–if you call 911 it goes into “emergency mode” so that even after you hang up, “Call 911” is the selected menu item, only one click away. You have to take a few steps to exit “emergency mode” and go back to normal.

The woman on the sidewalk, as it turns out, was just a bit drunk and probably overheated.