What a wierd weekend, marked almost entirely by geekiness. On the other hand, I made a lot of small transitions of the sort that change a bit of the top-level texture of daily living. I got through some serious items on my "to do" list, getting some big-time monkeys off my back.

For example, I’ve complained for a few years now that I think my bicycle doesn’t fit me well, that the handlebars are too low, although they are at their maximum extension (which is not much). I causes my arms and wrists to hurt when I ride, meaning I don’t ride as much as I would like. Finally, I took the thing to a bike shop and had them install a handlebar post that’s a bit longer, granting me perhaps an extra two inches. What a difference that makes. Exit one monkey.

Then there’s my damn computer–the dog that I bought from IPC last year. It’s been dragging its ass for months now, slowing to a crawl and acting strangely, something that brings a little bit of aggravation into every one of my days. Come to think of it, it’s never really functioned properly, but lately it’s just been stupid.  I suspected the hard drive was giving out, so on Saturday I bought a new hard drive and another 128 MB of RAM. I then spent the rest of the day (and night, until 4am) backing up, swapping out the old drive, installing the new one, re-installing Windows, etc. It’s been a lot of work, and even now at the end of Sunday night I’m not finished. I have over 20 applications to re-install and configure, which takes time. I still haven’t set up my email accounts.

However, the machine is now lightning fast and as fresh as spring rain. There goes another monkey. I now have 40 GB of disk space, most of which I’ll never use, but what the heck. 30 gigs of that is on my new 7200 rpm hard drive, and the other 10 gigs is from my "old" drive, which now seems to be working just fine. No worries, I’ll use the 10 GB drive as a backup.

I ended the evening my going to the Paramount to see Tim Burton’s Planet of the Apes. What a fabulous monkey-fest! There is no point in comparing it to the original, so I won’t even go there. Suffice to say it was a hairy-knuckled blast, a simian sensation. I can seriously say that Tim Roth should get an Academy Award nomination for best ape.

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