It’s so nice to have a four-day weekend, especially when it immediately follows a three-day trade show experience. Mind you, I barely left the house today, because I spent much of it learning about and configuring my new Palm M105, which I won at the trade show a couple of days ago. Woo hoo!

This falls on the heels of the new Compaq Armada M300 that I picked up for a song the day before the trade show. This pretty much completes the gadget list, now that I have a digital camera, mini-disk recorder/player, shortwave radio, DVD player, cell phone, and a bunch of other things rattling around. The only thing I don’t have (yet) is a portable MP3 player.

Oddly, instead of feeling fulfilled, all this digitalia is starting to stress me out. Gee, if I sold it all, I could probably get enough dough to chill out in Thailand for a couple of months.

But then what?

Florida is so hot!

At least it’s hot when you decide to walk from the hotel to the convention center wearing the heavy long-sleeve company shirt and black pants!  Otherwise, Orlando remains something of an enigma to me so far. All I’ve seen is the area around the convention center, which is nicely manicured and all, but very car-oriented and "artificial fun" oriented. Absolutely everything is fake except for the humidity.

Gotta run!

Seven hours from now…

… I’ll be airborne, pointed south, in the direction of BOrelando, Florida. The purpose of my visit? I’m going to be a booth babe at a telecommunications billing conference.

I’m the first to admit that I’m not excited. Generally speaking, if I’m on a plane going anywhere I get excited. I just love going to places!. But BOrelando, if the stories I hear are true, is even worse than Anaheim for being nothing but a concentration of the dullest of American culture with nothing there as a counter-balance.

To make matters worse, I won’t have with me any of my usual cadre of angst-mates, with whom I can enjoy such boredom by wallowing drunkenly in it. Maybe I’lll try to survive by making a guerrilla documentary, but that will depend on how busy I am at the booth, and how deadened I feel by the environment. Fortunately, I’ll only be there three-and-a-half days, and I will probably be blogging, so watch this space.

By the way, I just posted the last of my Infinitely Unqualified Reviews of Fringe Fesitival shows. I saw nine shows this year, and while some were better than others, none of them stank.

I definitely bought a laptop.

Actually, it’s a notebook. It is exactly what I was hoping for–small, very light, good screen, and cheap. I didn’t think it was possible.

The only drawback I can see so far is that it lacks a CD-ROM drive, and it seems to be difficult to find a cheap external drive. (I found a few in the $250 range, but I’ve seen them online for about $100). All I need the CD-ROM for is the occasional loading up of software, so it’s not a high priority.

The other small issue is that the only word processor it came with is MS WordPad, which is like a highly stripped-down version of Word. It’s fine, except I want seamless interoperability with my desktop machine (and other people’s machines) so I have to get Word installed on this thing soon.

It’s such a sweetie! I love this thing. I’m sitting in my living room now, typing this blog entry on it. Yummy!!! Woo hoo!