(Paris) So very tired.

My usual blog routine is to sit in my little room late at night with a glass of whiskey and my laptop, writing up my blog while pretending to write a novel. Next day, I take the file on a floppy to an Internet cafe and flip it over. I didn’t write up a blog in advance this time, however, so I’ll make this quick. Yesterday (Tuesday) was all about sunshine, croque monsieur, and Jardin Luxembourg. …and another walk to the Marais for dinner.

It was another warm day today (Wednesday), although not as sunny, so I walked over to the Louvre. I considered going in, but the staff had called a day strike, so it was closed. I continued on to Place Vendome, where I watched some kind of odd media event outside the Ritz–a bunch of cooks and kids in cook’s clothing showing off baskets of fresh produce for the media. I joined in by taking pictures and then headed over to the Opera and then the Galleries Lafayette, which is definitely the most elegant department store I’ve ever been in–that is, the building is the most elegant, although the merchandise is nice too. I was hoping to find a beret, but with no luck.

Instead I headed east to Place de la Republic, where I rested a few minutes and then walked the length of the Canal Saint Martin. By then I was getting into the 19th and had quite a hunger going, so I hopped on the Metro and went 15 stops to Vavin, on Boul. Montparnasse, where I went into La Coupole for a croque monsieur and a beer. Then back to the Jardin du Luxembourg, where I passed out in a metal chair. Now it’s 5:00 on my last night here, and I’m not sure what to do next! (Tonight, Bonnie, Janine, and I might to the ultra-tourist thing and take a Bateau-Mouche along the Seine after dark.)

I suspect this will be my last dispatch from Paris. Thanks for reading about my bon voyage!