More “Shaken and Stirred in Siena”

(Note: the “blue whale” is my large blue backpack.)I can’t find my destination. Centuries ago, when these narrow and winding streets were set down, no one had heard of using a grid. Things were more organic then, with streets following contours of the land and established footpaths around tall trees and large rocks. Also, there was planned chaos–streets were arranged in confusing patterns to help foil invaders.

With the guidebook as my sword and the blue whale as my shield, I search an area about the size of a Wal-Mart for ten minutes before I unravel the secret code that leads me to the Cannon d’Oro, which my guide book describes as “A stylish 30-room two star hotel tucked down an alleyway� Friendly and immaculately maintained, this is the best choice among the central low-cost hotels”.

They’re full.