Yer Morning CurmudgeonThis is a

Yer Morning Curmudgeon

This is a random act of curmudgeonliness, and it’s so lame I’m embarassed to even put it here, but it’s one of those burning things that stews in my gut and I just need to get it out. I hate it when people mix up “overall” and “overhaul”!

That’s it. I feel better now.

Coming up soon: more guerilla documentaries!

Be abnormal The good folks

Be abnormal

The good folks at Yahoo advise me that it’s good to be odd, which is good because I’m a little bit bent sometimes. Unfortunately, this comes from Yahoo’s “Daily Tip” department, so it reads like an infomercial. There’s even a link on the page to some kind of Tony Robbins thing. Maybe that’s TR’s next big thing: Be all you can be with Tony Robbin’s “Personal Insanity” program!

Went for some sloppy drinkin’

Went for some sloppy drinkin’ with Wendy last night. Started at the Mad Hatter, self declared as “Montreal’s best dive”. Eventually found our way to the Luba Lounge on Bleury. Got home late. Was fuzzy this morning.

Along the way we stumbled upon the oddest of Montreal festivals, the Festival Montreal en Lumiere, which is basically just a part of Ste. Catherine street that is blocked off, wrapped up, and has weird lights shining on it. It was the wierdest thing, particularly because there was hardly anything there, so happening upon this was like something out of some kind of Cell-like dream sequence, only lame. I took pictures, and will assemble a guerrilla documentary this weekend. Watch this spot!

I notice my first guerrilla documentary has fallen off the page and into the archives. I think I’ll make an index of them this weekend, as I suspect I’ll be doing more of this. In case you’re wondering, a guerrilla documentary is basically a photo or video documentary that is concieved on the spot and quickly executed. No big planning involved.

I have a couple of fairly lame ones that I’m hoping I can fix up with some clever text. Otherwise, the Walk is the only I have so far (until I do the festival one, tomorrow).